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Sawyer Sling

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The one thing every Truckie or Rescue guy needs is another free hand. The Sawyer Sling makes carrying and deploying your saw easier and frees you up to manage your other equipment. It can be worn on either the left or right side without changing the configuration. The oversized stainless steel quick release shackle can be placed around any handle or sturdy point 1" in diameter or smaller making it work with nearly any fire service saw. The saw can then be securely carried anywhere its needed. To climb a ladder simply slide the saw to a comfortable position. Deploying the saw is immediate and can be accomplished with just one hand; just pull the large 'Deploy' tab to open the shackle and release the saw. This can be readily done with or without gloves. Securing the saw is as simple as closing the shackle around a handle again.

Each sling is adjustable for length and includes an emergency quick release buckle. We can customize most parts of the sling including the deployment tab.

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