Every item is unique because every item is created by hand. All items are crafted using traditional tools and techniques.


We only use high quality leather tanned in the US using domestic livestock. Our latigo leather resists moisture and heat like few others.


Our items are built to work hard. They look good but the first priority is always to function and make your job easier.

About Fire Dog Leather

Fire Dog Leatherworks LLC is a small, firefighter owned business that offers durable, leather equipment designed to make emergency responders' lives easier. Every item is handcrafted in the USA, using thick, full-grain leather. While our products are geared towards Firefighters, we also make custom items for Emergency Medical Personnel, Law Enforcement, and civilians. Special requests are commonplace for many different professions and hobbies.

The creation of every item starts with some of the best, full-grain leather by Wickett & Craig. The leather we use is top quality latigo or tooling leather depending on the item. It's sourced from North American cattle and tanned in Pennsylvania. The latigo is drum-dyed and hot-dipped with oils and tallow which make it weather resistant and flexible. If offers a nice balance of durability and visual appeal. We offer it dyed either black or brown. Tooling leather can be dyed to your specification.

Excellence is in the details and each aspect of the leatherworking process is performed in accordance with best practices. All edges are sanded, dyed, burnished, and sealed with 100% bee's wax. High stress joints are securely stitched. All hardware is nickel or chrome-plated steel to resist rust and we only use DOT Durable brand snaps for our projects unless otherwise specified. Finally, all items are rubbed with Neatsfoot oil and/or sealed with a moisture-resistant finish once complete.

When it comes to sewing, we offer both machine lock-stitching and premium saddle-stitching done by hand. All work is done with high-quality thread imported from Germany. Sewing by hand using a saddle-stitch provides superior durability over machine stitching but is time and labor intensive. It also allows us to use a much thicker thread compared to a machine lock-stitch which creates a very unique look.

Our belief is that leather equipment should be tough, weather-resistant, and traditionally styled. We want our items to wear-in with the character that comes from hard work. Our goal with each item is to produce utilitarian good looks and functional equipment which you can hand down to your children after a long career.

Fire Dog Workshop