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Squad Belt

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Squad Belts are fast, robust, and lightweight utility belts which can be used to carry a hand-tool easily. They are made from a solid 1-1/2" strap of premium Latigo leather with nickel-plated steel hardware and a 3" stainless steel or 3.5" plated O-Ring. The O-Ring allows you to quickly stow and remove most striking tools (Axes, Pigs, IronFox, Maul, etc.) The design allows you to keep the tool close to your body and lets it move with you for climbing, crawling, or duck-walking. It is secured quickly with a standard-sized carabiner (you may provide one or we can offer one with the belt.)

We offer many options to customize your Squad Belt. We can craft quick-detach boxlight loops or additional rings to match your belt.

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