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Fire Dog Leatherworks LLC offers durable, leather equipment designed to help make emergency responders' lives easier. Every item is handcrafted in the USA, using thick, full-grain leather. Our products are geared towards Firefighters, Emergency Medical Personnel and Law Enforcement but we also make dog collars and custom orders are commonplace for many different professions and hobbies.

I take pride in my work. The products I make are not intended to be fashion accessories; they are intended to work hard for you. I put functionality and durability as the highest priorities for each item created. Thanks for looking!

Current Wait Time:

Approximately 1 week production time for new orders.

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Product Features & Options

Wickett & Craig

Every item I make is handcrafted from premium, full-grain leather by Wickett & Craig™. Any stitching is done by hand using heavy Ritza 25™ thread imported from Germany or Maine Thread from the US. The hardware is nickel or chrome plated. Edges are dyed, burnished, and sealed with a bee's wax blend. Whenever possible, I use redundant methods of fastening when leather is joined (a combination of stitching, fasteners and/or leather cement.) All items are rubbed with Neatsfoot oil and/or sealed with a moisture-resistant finish once complete.

Black and Brown Latigo

The leather I use is top quality latigo or tooling leather depending on the item. It's sourced from North American cattle and tanned in the USA. The latigo is drum-dyed and hot-stuffed with oils and tallow which makes it weather-resistant and flexible. It offers a nice balance of both durability and visual appeal. I offer latigo in both black and brown. Tooling leather can be dyed to your specifications.

Detail Stitching

Detail Stitching - Most straps and items can be upgraded to include detail stitching at the customer's request. This adds a good deal of visual appeal to the item and offers a unique appearance. Stitching holes are made along the sides of the strap and at key joints. It is then meticulously saddle stitched by hand using heavy Ritza 25™ Tiger thread. Saddle stitching offers an advantage over machine stitching because while both types of stitches can potentially be broken, saddle stitching will not unravel like the lockstitch variety.

The Ritza 25 ™ thread I use is available in different colors. I always have the colors below on hand, however, there are other colors available that I can special order. There is a small extra charge for special order thread and it may add time to the production of your item. We will let you know ahead of time what this is expected to be.

The most popular combinations are: black latigo with white, red, or black thread, brown latigo with white or black thread, and two-tone brown latigo with black thread.

Black ThreadBlack
White ThreadWhite
Cigar ThreadCigar
Red ThreadRed
Orange ThreadOrange
Blue ThreadBlue
Green ThreadGreen
Yellow ThreadYellow
Purple ThreadPurple
Pink ThreadPink

Webbing Reinforcement - Most straps can also be taken a step further and lined with polypropylene webbing. Once lined, the item is also detail stitched along the sides and at key joints as outlined above. While not necessary for item longevity, it does offer an option for customers who want the toughest item we can provide. Webbing reinforced items are more resistant to stretch over time and significantly thicker due to the extra layer.

Two-Tone Styling

Two-Tone Styling - This option offers a combination of brown latigo with black latigo details. The edges are hand dyed black for a very nice contrast in colors. Cross straps, loops, and ends are done in black leather. Many customers also add black detail stitching for a really nice finish as pictured.

Other Options - Each item can be customized to fit nearly any request you might have. Many can be made to fixed lengths for an exact fit or adjustable in length. You can have mic loops oriented horizontally or vertically on the strap. Stamping can be placed any place that will accommodate it. You can always include special requests with your order and I will get the details ironed out with you before production begins.

Radio Holster Kit

Product Sketch Description

These radio holsters are designed with durability in mind. The kit includes a radio holster, shoulder strap, and keeper strap although you can order the parts individually.

The shoulder strap is crafted from 10+ oz leather and is 1.5" wide for added comfort and longevity. I can make the shoulder strap adjustable or at a fixed length; this is purely your personal preference. Typically, if you have used a radio strap in the past and found a length you like, I recommend getting a fixed size. The shoulder strap can also be detail stitched and webbing reinforced on request. Mic loops are oriented horizontally on the strap although they can be changed to vertical orientation if desired. Additional loops can also be added for different placement options or to hook on miscellaneous equipment (pocket knives, small flashlights, pagers, etc.)

The radio holster is made from reinforced heavy latigo and has an aluminum L-bracket sewn inside to resist warping. It uses Milspec 550 paracord with an ITW GTSP Cordloc for adjustment and to keep your radio securely in place. The paracord loop is secured with a DOT® Durable® hard-action snap. The standard holster will fit most medium to large radios although I recommend providing your radio model so I can custom size it.

The keeper strap is a solid 3/4" finished length of latigo. It can be made to almost any length requested although by default they are 9" long including the connectors. They are made to match the rest of your kit.

All kits include stamping on the back of the holster, shoulder strap, and keeper strap. The back of the standard sized holster can fit last names of 6 or less letters or the equivalent badge number. Available in black, brown, or two-tone latigo.

This item is made custom to fit you. Please see the sizing guide for measurement instructions. - Fire Dog Sizing Guide

Prices start at $100 for the entire kit; components can be bought individually - Order Online

Product Example Product Example Product Example Product Example Product Example Product Example

Bunker Suspenders

Product Sketch Description

These suspenders are both more comfortable and more durable than standard webbing suspenders. Each strap is thick 1.5" wide latigo which crosses at the back in an 'X' configuration. There is a slip strap on the back that keeps the suspenders together but allows greater movement and flexibility over fixed point suspenders. Alternatively, these may be made in the 'H' style configuration if so desired. They can be made at a fixed length or adjustable via plated 2-prong roller buckles. Standard attachment points are for two-loop style bunkers (please let me know if you have button style or another type of connector!) Connectors feature DOT® Durable® hard-action snaps and are made from webbing coated with a polymer alloy.

Included stamping on 'X' style suspenders is on the front straps, typically with your last name and badge number. 'H' style can accommodate stamping on the back. They can be further customized with detail stitching or heavy webbing reinforcement. Available in black, brown, or two-tone latigo.

This item is made custom to fit you. Please see the sizing guide for measurement instructions. - Fire Dog Sizing Guide

Prices start at $90 - Order Online

Product Example Product Example Product Example Product Example

Civilian Suspenders

Product Sketch Description

The "civilian" version of our suspenders made for off-duty wear. Made using 1" wide, full-grain leather straps with adjustments on the front and back. Connects easily to the belt loops on your pants using trigger snaps. Two shoulder straps connect to a leather-padded D-Ring on your back and then to a single strap down to the back of your pants. The front adjusts using roller buckles and the back has a Chicago screw that can be moved up or down to change the length.

Can be stamped to your specifications. Available in black, brown, or two-tone latigo.

This item is made custom to fit you. Please see the sizing guide for measurement instructions. - Fire Dog Sizing Guide

Prices start at $80 - Order Online

Product Example Product Example

Squad Belt

Product Sketch Description

The Squad Belt is a lightweight yet tough truck style belt made from 1.5" wide latigo. One end of the belt features a 3" steel O-Ring that can be used to carry any number of striking tools. The opposite end has a D-Ring and Carabiner that allows for easy donning. You can pick and choose which attachments you want for your setup: a boxlight loop & quick disconnect ITW buckle, an extra 3" O-Ring for other tools, and/or a heavy duty clip attachment. If you run the belt with no attachments or disconnect them, you can also use the belt as a hose strap if needed. The belt is custom sized but allows for 6 points of adjustment using a plated 2-prong roller buckle.

Stamping of your last name or badge number is included. It can also be customized further with detail stitching or webbing reinforcement. Available in black, brown, or two-tone latigo.

This item is made custom to fit you. Please see the sizing guide for measurement instructions. - Fire Dog Sizing Guide

Prices start at $50 w/o carabiner - Order Online

Product Example

Truck Belt

Product Sketch Description

This truck belt is as rugged and durable as we can make it. It starts with 2" wide leather and is then lined with a seat belt strap, the edges are then detail stitched. The front secures with a butterfly snap hook and V-ring re-purposed from military parachutes. The tabs on the snap hook allow you to manipulate it easily even with gloves on. It is width adjustable with a heavy-duty two-prong roller buckle. You get to decide which attachments best suit you: an ultra heavy 4.5" D-Ring for striking tools, a boxlight loop & quick disconnect ITW buckle, a 3" O-Ring for other tools, and/or a heavy duty clip attachment.

Can be stamped with your name or badge number. Available in black, brown, or two-tone latigo.

This item is made custom to fit you. Please see the sizing guide for measurement instructions. - Fire Dog Sizing Guide

Prices start at $110 - Order Online

Glove Straps

Product Sketch Description

These glove straps make accessing your gloves lightning fast. Made from 10+oz, full-grain latigo. They have an over-sized, quick-release buckle and a Postman's slide to securely cinch down your gloves. They connect by using a nickel-plated 2" clip to securely hook to your gear. If you want to wear your glove strap under your turnout coat, a custom length extension strap can be made available to drop it down lower. All fasteners are nickel-plated. Velcro straps wear out rapidly, these will last you for your career, guaranteed or we'll replace it.

They can be stamped with your name or badge number along the main strap. Available in black, brown, or two-tone latigo.

Prices start at $30 - Order Online

Product Example Product Example

Flashlight Holder

Product Sketch Description

These holders start with heavy, tooling leather which is molded specifically to fit your flashlight. They are handstitched with premium waxed thread in a color of your choosing. They can be made to attach to the support straps of my radio holsters, the shoulder strap, or I can add a clip to attach to your belt. They can be finished in black, brown, red, or left natural. This does not always provide an exact color match to my other items made from latigo, however, I will try to get it as close as possible.

NOTE: As these are custom made for your flashlight, you will need to provide one during the construction process.

Prices start at $30 - Order Online

Product Example

Utility Straps


Made from 1.5" wide, heavy latigo straps these have many uses. They can be made as boxlight straps, tool shoulder straps, on gear bags or almost anywhere else. They come in three main styles (General Utility, Medium Duty, and Heavy Duty) and can be customized in many ways. Stamping of name and badge number is included. Available in black, brown, or two-tone latigo.

Prices start at $50 - Order Online

Product Example

Morale Card

Product Sketch Description

These are 2.5” x 3.5” cards of leather that can be stamped with almost anything. The names of your spouse, children, your station or in memory of a loved one or major event. I then harden the leather and seal it with protectant. You can keep it inside your lid or carry it in your helmet band. Stamping of whatever fits on the card is included. These are made from a vegetable tanned tooling leather and can be dyed black, brown, red, or left natural.

Prices start at $15 - Order Online

Nail Holder

Product Sketch Description

These go under your helmet band and securely hold 8d or 10d nails while keeping them easily accessible. Very similar to the rubber versions you may have seen but they sit flatter against the helmet. Standard sized holders measure 4" wide x 2" tall and can hold 4 nails. (They come with four 8d nails as pictured.) These are available in black or brown and can be stitched using any in-stock thread color. Custom sized or higher/lower capacity holders can be made on request.

Prices start at $15 - Order Online

Product Example


Online Ordering

You can submit orders online for my most common items using the link below. I review all orders and will confirm the details with you before providing a final invoice.

Fire Dog Leatherworks Order Online

Direct Ordering

You can also place an order for any item or custom work by contacting me directly via phone, text, or email. If you're unsure of what you need or have questions, don't hesitate to ask. I will review and verify all the details of your order before working on your item/s.

I can be reached by:

Sizing and Measurements

Most orders for custom items will ask for measurement sizes. I have created a detailed set of instructions to help you size yourself as accurately as possible. This works best if you have a flexible or tailor's tape measure and someone to assist you in measuring. You can view the sizing guide here: Fire Dog Sizing Guide. If you have ANY questions or doubts, please get in touch with me so I can help you. As custom items are non-returnable, I want to be absolutely sure your item is correctly sized and stamped. Thank you for your business!

On-Duty Transaction Policy

Fire Dog Leatherworks does not perform any local transactions (including gear measurements and delivery) on 'B' shift days. You may place orders through this website and they will be processed the following day. Off-duty personnel may pickup items from our workshop by scheduling ahead of time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Policies & FAQ

About the Leather

In the description above, I reference the fact that I use full-grain, 10+oz latigo leather. What exactly does this mean?

A piece of leather that keeps all of its layers is called full-grain leather. The benefit of full-grain leather is that its very durable and resilient. The downside is that it may have natural blemishes such as scars, scuffs or other imperfections. When the top layer is sanded away to get rid of these cosmetic issues, its called top-grain leather. It might be smoother but its not as durable as leather with the all the layers intact. Some other common types are 'genuine', corrected-grain, split-grain and bonded leather. These go even further to trade off resilience for cosmetic appeal and/or lower production costs. I want to provide tough products, not fashion accessories, so full-grain is my material of choice.

The oz refers to the approximate thickness of the leather. 10oz is about 5/32" thick. As a comparison, most belts you buy in typical retail stores are around 7oz. I use substantially thick leather for all straps and important parts. The only time I use anything thinner is for support pieces that necessitate more flexibility.

Lastly, I mentioned that I use latigo leather. Latigo undergoes a process known as "hot-stuffing" where it is packed with waxes, greases, and oils that keep the leather flexible and make it resistant to moisture and rot. These processes add labor (and thus cost) so they are usually only performed on the best grades of leather. Additionally, the leather undergoes a process known as drum-dying to make sure the colors penetrate deeply into the surfaces.

Break-In & Conditioning

No special conditioning or break-in is necessary for our equipment. We apply a conditioner and sealant before delivery that helps to resist moisture, heat, and cold. Leather straps may be slightly stiff when brand new but will quickly become very flexible and supple with use.

Caring for Leather

I have assembled a PDF explaining my recommendations on caring for your leather. You can download it here: Fire Dog Leather Care Guide. As always, if you have any specific questions, you can always contact us directly.


Square Inc

I accept cash, personal check, money order, and most major credit cards. Personal checks will be held until cleared. I use Square Inc. to process credit card payments. Receipts are issued electronically by default (text or email.) If you prefer a paper receipt, please let me know.

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex

Sales Tax

I collect sales tax on any sales within the state of Kansas or whenever otherwise applicable.

Pick-Up, Delivery & Shipping

I will notify you once your item has been completed. Turn around time varies depending on my current waitlist but averages about a week until most orders are complete. The item can be picked up directly from my workshop, delivered locally within Wichita for a $5.00 charge, or delivered within Sedgwick County for a $7.50 charge. Orders greater than $200 can be delivered free within Sedgwick County.

Items that require shipping will be charged the actual shipping cost within the US or actual cost outside of the country. I only ship within the US and Canada although if you are in the military and deployed, I ship to APO/FPO whenever allowed.

Refunds & Returns

Sales on all items are final. Please pay careful attention to the sizing instructions above and make sure the spelling is correct on any stamping requests before submitting your order. If I send you an incorrect item or do not make it according to the specifications you provided when ordering, get in contact with me ASAP and I will replace or refund your purchase.


If your item fails because of a mistake I made or a defect in the construction (integral, non-cosmetic stitching breaks, fastener pulls loose, defective snap, etc.), I will repair or replace the item as warranted for the life of the original purchaser. I reserve the right not to cover any item which was used inappropriately, neglected, or intentionally abused.

As leather is an animal product, even new items may have minor scuffs, wrinkles, scars, or cosmetic blemishes. This is part of the character of full-grain leather. Additional marks and wear from use are also to be expected. These kinds of issues do not warrant repair or replacement.

Privacy Policy

I use your information to make your item, receive your payment and get it to you. Outside of these purposes, I value your privacy and don't share any of your personal information. I use Square Inc to process credit card payments and provide receipts. You can view their privacy statement here.

Safety Disclaimer

These items do not have NFPA approval or hold any type of certification from any safety organization. They are not designed or intended to be used as life safety devices and should not replace any personal protective equipment or associated parts.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to use any items obtained from Fire Dog Leatherworks in a safe manner that is consistent with any relevant safety rules or regulations.

Additionally, your department may have Standard Operating Procedures or other regulations which do not allow the use of unapproved items. You should always obtain approval from your superiors and/or safety officers before using any item which was not issued directly to you by your organization. We take no responsibility and assume no liability if you use our items in violation of established safety standards, department policy, or in an otherwise unsafe manner.


Contact Us

Please feel free to call, text, or email us during daytime (CST) hours. If you leave a message, someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

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